What Workout is Best for My Body Type?

what workout is best for my body type? the question this woman asks herself

If you are looking to get back into shape, or in shape for the first time, there are two things you need to focus on. First, you need to focus on your diet. It's easier to trim away 500 calories from a diet than it is to burn 500 calories during a workout. Next, you need wor find out the answer to the question: what workout is best for my body type?

By combining both a healthy diet and the right workout schedule, you can improve your physical fitness and your overall appearance. As you get into working out, one of the most common questions is what "workout is best for my body type?" This ultimately depends on what you're looking to accomplish and how fast you want to get there. Whatever it is you're looking for, here are some specifics to help address the "what workout is best for my body type" question.

How Often Should You Work Out?

Now that you've decided to work out and to focus on your physical fitness, you will want to address the question: "what workout is best for my body type?" Once you've chosen the right workout for your body type, you'll also need to think about how often to work out.

It doesn't matter what shape your body is in or what your current fitness level is. What matters are the improvements you want to make. Don't worry about whether you have a ruler shape body, a pear shape body, an hour-glass shape body, or anything else in between. The answer to the question "what workout is best for my body type" is: none. The important thing isn't which workout but getting enough of the two main types.

Two Kinds of Working Out

Working out can be broken down into two different categories. The first is cardio, and the second is weight training. Ideally you will focus on both. Now, if you don't want to bulk up, don't worry. You can still work with weights without putting on muscle mass (we'll go over that in a bit). Some people make the mistake of only doing cardio. After all, you can burn more calories during 45 minutes of cardio than you can with 45 minutes of weight training, right?

Well, yes and no. Up front you will burn more calories with cardio. However, with weight training you break down the muscle fiber in your body. Your body must then repair the muscle tissue, which burns more calories. It also boosts your metabolic rate, helping you burn even more calories throughout the next day. So, while cardio burns more calories during the set period, weight training can burn more calories long term. So you shouldn't focus on just one or the other. Ideally you'll work on both.

How Often Should You Work Out?

Ideally you'll get some kind of workout in every day. Now this might be too much for some people, and other times you just don't have the kind of time every single day of the week. That's all right, too.

However, you may want to break up your workouts in certain ways to maximize your results. It is possible to undermine your fitness results if you do not workout in the correct way. When it comes to cardio, you can put in cardio work every single day of the week. That's not a problem. Now, you'll want to change up the kind of cardio you do so you're not working out your body exactly the same.

There are two problems with this. First, your body will adapt and learn how to burn fewer calories while you work out this way. Second, it becomes boring. Switch up your cardio between a bicycle, running, swimming, or doing anything else. There are also great workout videos online you can follow. With a lifetime of free workout videos online, you never have to do the same thing twice.

Lifting Weights

Now, let's look at the weight lifting aspect of your workout. While you can do cardio every day of the week, weight lifting is a little bit different. You don't want to lift with the same parts of your body two days in a row. It takes your body, at the very least, 24 hours to recover and rebuild the muscle tissue you damaged during a workout.

So, for example, if you went to the gym and you worked on your bench press and other chest exercises on Monday, you don't want to go back and work on your chest on Tuesday. This will prevent your body from fully recovering.

Ideally, you'll give your body at least 48 hours to recover, but even then there's nothing wrong with giving one particular area of your body more time to recover. In terms of weight lifting, focus on lifting at least five days a week, although you can increase this to six days depending on the lifting schedule.

What Workout Is Best for My Body Type and What to Focus on during Each Work Out Day

A woman lifting weights

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When looking at what workout is best for my body type, you'll want to divvy up your weight lifting routine. We'll cover how often you should perform each lift, the schedules you can follow, and then how you should lift depending on what your end goals are.

Lifting Schedules

As stated earlier, you don't want to lift the same muscle groups two days in a row. There are three basic workout schedules you can follow to help prevent this and to give you maximum results.

First, there is the traditional lifting schedule where you focus on upper body Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This gives you enough time to recover, but the downside to this is you might be at the gym longer on upper body days because there are all kinds of muscles groups you need to target. With this schedule, Tuesday and Thursday would be leg days.

Another lift schedule would be to perform "push" lifts on Monday. A "push" lift is where you're pushing the weight away from your body. This would be a bench press, a shoulder press, and even a push up. Then, on Tuesday you'll perform "pull" lifts, which is where you pull the weight closer to you. This can be a curl or a row (as examples). Then, on Wednesday you'll perform leg day. You will then repeat the process on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

A third option breaks down your lifts into body parts. So, for example, with this schedule you work focus on your chest on Monday. All the lifts you do on this day will target your chest. Then, on Tuesday you will focus on your lower body. On Wednesday you'll then focus on your shoulders. On Thursday you'll then work on your arms and on Friday you'll work on your back. As many of these upper body days work on similar areas of the body you will want to insert off days when necessary.

The thing about the focusing on body parts on each day, for it to work you must go hard on these muscle groups. This is because you won't be targeting it for a full week, so you really want to touch on each area of the muscles and make sure there isn't an area of the muscle that goes without a lift.

How to Lift Based on Your Goals

As we've pointed out, it isn't necessarily a matter of "what workout is best for my body type," but instead it depends on what your fitness goals are. If you want to purely increase your strength, you need to perform each lift to failure in a maximum of four reps. If you can lift the weight more than four times, you're not lifting enough. Perform three to four sets of each lift.

If you want to increase the size of your muscles, you'll want to perform eight to 12 reps per set. However, don't just stop at 12 reps if you can squeeze more out. Increase the weight until you fall into the 8-12 rep range and can't lift any more.

Lastly, if you want to burn calories while toning yourself, shoot for 12-15 reps. It's okay if you can lift more than this, the point here is to just engage your muscles.

Rest Days and Other Weight Loss Tips

A dumbbell with meat and vegetables on its side

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Now, when it comes to "what workout is best for my body type," you've probably heard of the "cheat meal." This is where you eat whatever you want for one meal a week. You can do this, but be careful. Depending on what you eat, it's possible to completely wipe away all your gains from the rest of the week. So be mindful of what you're eating.

Always remember, it's easier to cut out calories from your diet than burn the calories working out. Find calories in your diet you don't need (like from soda, coffee sugar, cream salad dressings, and such) and remove these from your diet. You'll be amazed at how quickly the weight comes off if you do.


When it comes to the what workout is best for my body type question, only you can answer it. By following these tips and suggestions you'll identify new ways to work out and to improve the physical fitness of your body. So whether you're interested in burning fat, building muscle, or you want to improve the overall definition, you'll find everything you need in terms of schedule right here with these tips and suggestions.

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